Al-Khozama Medical Supplies

About us

About us

 Al-khozama Medical Supplies (KMS) is located in Riyadh, Capital city of Saudi Arabia. Company established its business in 2006 and rapidly growing.

KMS is among the first 100 companies registered and licensed  by SFDA (Saudi Food and Drug Authority).

—Our main business is supplying hospitals, medical centers, polyclinics and clinics with top quality brands of medical devices, supplies and equipment.

—Present we have around 400 customers that include private hospitals, medical centers and clinics, in major cities of Saudi Arabia including Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al-Khobar, Abha, Qassim, Tabuk, etc., and some other Gulf States including Bahrain, Oman, Qatar.

—Al Khozama is managed by professionals having vast regulatory and marketing experience.

OUR VISION To emerge as a leading provider and distributor of hi-tech and innovative products in the market and bring in the new discoveries and beneficial effects of these products to our clients at a very reasonable price.


  • Business Excellence
  • Integrity in all dealings
  • Employer of choice
  • Social responsibility
  • Elevation of the image of Saudi-based businesses.

MEET OUR TEAM...Our sales and marketing team are there for you at all times. From initial product introduction, training, marketing and sales, Our goals are to help you get the products off the shelf and to the end user in a fast, professional and profitable way while helping you through out the process in both pre and post sale support. Fast turn around is our mutual goal. There for, we guarantee fast response to service, be it clinical or technical, end user response, projects or tenders.

Dr. Ali Alghamdi
The owner

Dr. Ali Alghamdi is the owner of Al-khozama Medical Supplie Company.