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The company Calze GT S.r.l. began its activities in 1984 with the production and marketing of socks and tights, specializing then, over the years in the field of graduated compression andmedical stockings.

Initially the company worked for large international companies in private label, and then also start marketing its own brand RelaxSan in 1997. In 2000, the company invests and develops a department for the production of seamless underwear, in which have been developed all products currently sold under the brand names RelaxMaternity and FarmaCell.

More about Calze G.T: www.gtcalze.com

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RelaxSan is a full line of socks, tights and stockings with graduated compression for the prevention and treatment of problems related to the legs blood circulation. Articles RelaxSan are the result of years of experience and are produced by following the directions of the European Community regulations for medical devices Class I. All items are produced with yarns of the highest quality to ensure long life and be anallergic at skin contact.

More about RelaxSan:  www.relaxsan.it



The FarmaCell line includes items made with an exclusive patented micro woven, characterized by small relief and flat squares that play a smooth, gentle but effective massage. Its special structure with the constant micro-massage, smooth the skin and is effective against the imperfections caused by cellulite, increasing circulation and helping dispose of fat deposits and excess toxins.

More about RelaxSan: www.farmacell.com